Cranbrook Acres Alpacas

"Cranbrook Acres Alpacas was a small acreage located in Huron East about 30 minutes from Lake Huron. We  raised and bred alpacas for 13 years.   Once a year, these amazing animals would have their spa day. We would shear their fibre; do their nails, teeth and hair-do's. After shearing, we clean and sort the fibre. We prepared our batches for the mill. Each batch must be of the same quality and length. We choose how the mill is to process each batch. Some batches are made into rovings, others into yarns and others into battings and some into socks and mittens. When our yarns are returned to us, most we leave in their natural state, but some skeins we will hand dye to create some beautiful colours. Alpacas come in 22 distinct, natural colours which can be easily blended into an array of 250 natural shades. Alpaca fibre wicks moisture away from the skin. Feet stay dry and warm. And no moisture build-up means no odour! Your socks will never smell!  Alpaca is a strong, natural fibre. It is about six times stronger and warmer than sheep's wool. It provides excellent insulation in light weight garments. It is naturally thermal. Alpaca fibre can be worn next to the skin, with no itch factor. It is hypoallergenic. This fibre is naturally free of lanolin and oils found in sheep's wool. So no harsh chemicals are needed to process the fibre, which makes alpaca natural and safe for your family and the environment. But one of the best features of alpaca is the softness, very much consistent with cashmere. It feels luxurious against your skin.

The majority of our products are hand knit. We love creating new and exciting patterns; and our customers appreciate the quality of our work as well as our uniqueness. Over the last few years, our ponchos and sweaters have become very popular with our customer base as well as the wide assortment of children's sweaters we make. The majority of our products are in the $25-$60 range for hats and scarves and mittens. Our products range from affordable dryer balls, kits and yarns to more exclusive items such as our sweaters, ponchos and duvets. We are passionate about these fabulous animals and their amazing fibre and love to educate and pass on this knowledge.  Although we are no longer able to offer farm tours or visits, we still have plenty of fibre to offer products to our customers.  "


Maureen Hengeveld
St. Marys

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